How do Hologram Pyramids work - Holapex HD Hologram Pyramid

Hello, My name is Isaias, the founder of the Holapex hologram pyramids.

I am going to explain how Holapex hologram pyramids, work, or home made hologram pyramids, they both work the same.

As you know, all the pyramid does is reflect what is being displayed on your smart device, onto its 45 degree reflectors.

Here is a picture of how it works:


As you can see in the figure above, all that is happening is an illusion, well, mostly, a reflection.


This technology is simple, and some might think it is new technology, but its not. This illusion is called Pepper's ghost, invented by John Henry Pepper (1821–1900).


All we have done is renovated and invented a different way, to use this illusion.


Now you know! Feel free to purchase our HD hologram Pyramids. We are the only company that provides durable and real HD hologram pyramids for smart devices.